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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 Requirements Analysis

Initial Reporting: Website Analysis Report of Findings - 17 June, 2021

Evaluation Summary

W3C and Lighthouse Accessibility Review

Across the website, Lighthouse scored the accessibility metrics with values between 95 and 99 out of 100. A visual review of the site source code was performed to review specific aspects of the accessibility standard which cannot be measured analytically. The Aria Accessibility library, an HTML and CSS library of tools, was used throughout the elements of the site. This increased the quality of the Lighthouse analyses.

By comparison, another accessibility application, axeDevTools, was used to review pages for potential a11y issues. On average, the tool found between 40 and 70 issues, with the blog page showing 158. Blog pages hold data from additional pages, so a higher number of errors was expected.

What is most important is that there are additional opportunities to increase the accessibility of your website. Even fine tuning of these elements will increase your site performance. Overall, the site's accessibility metrics are performing well.

NOTE: A follow-up WCAG 2.1 review will be conducted at the completion of site optimization. Additional reviews will be conducted on an annual basis for quality assurance purposes.