Secret Service…Broke?

Has the Secret Service Gone broke trying to protect Trump? Over 1000 agents have already exceeded the mandated cap for overtime. This was supposed to last them a year. A total of 42 people are being protected and 18 of them are members of his family. However, during Obama’s administration, there was only 31. This has become a major challenge for the secret service. Trump’s lifestyle has just added to the problem. He has been traveling to Florida, Virginia and New Jersey to his properties almost weekly. His children have also gone on several trips together and separately for work and vacation since January. For example, his trips to his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate alone have cost about $3 million. Given it is only August, it is clear that this issue will only heighten.

There has already been many discussions between the director of secret service, Randolph “Tex” Alles and lawmakers to raise the combined salary just for as long as Trumps term. Tex also anticipates hiring more agents that will reduce the workload. There is currently 6,800 and he hopes to have 9,500 by 2025.